[Android] How to improve a location accuracy?

You may check the location service and WiFi setting on your phone. Please refer the below instruction for the detail

1. Check the location Settings

  • Settings > Location services > enable all settings
  • [Samsung] Settings > Privacy and safety > Location > GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks
  • [Xiaomi] Security > Permissions > Autostart > iSharing
  • [OPPO] Security Center > Privacy Permissions > Startup manager and allow "iSharing" to run in the background.
  • [HUAWEI] Settings > Tap Advanced Settings > Tap Battery Manager > click on the “Protected apps” > Allow iSharing
  • [ASUS] Auto-start Manager > Enable iSharing

2. Turn on Wi-Fi

iSharing uses Wi-Fi signal to estimate a current location when GPS signal is not available(indoor or underground). We recommend you to turn on Wi-Fi even if you don’t use it. 

  • Settings > Wi-Fi on

3. Make sure Internet connection is active

Since iSharing updates your location via 3G/LTE/WiFi, your iPhone always should be connected to the internet.

4. Check Data Saver option

  • Settings > Network & Internet(or Connections) > Data usage > Data saver > off or uncheck for iSharing

5. Turn off battery optimizations on your settings

iSharing should be running in background. But if battery optimizations is activated, Android forces to kill iSharing process.

To turn off battery optimizations for an app:

General Android device

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and choose Battery.
  3. In the top right, touch menu More > Battery optimization.
  4. Touch iSharing app, then Don’t optimize, and Done.
  5. Launch iSharing app 

Samsung device

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and choose Smart Manager
  3. Choose Battery and then choose DETAIL 
  4. Touch iSharing app, then select "Disabled(Turned off)".
  5. Launch iSharing app 

5. Reboot the phone

in some case,  the device could lost the connection with the location service. in this situation, rebooting the device will resolve the problem.



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